A Few Reasons Why A Website Blog Is Good For Your Business

Guess what? You’re reading a blog article, which means you enjoy reading blog articles. Guess what else? You are not alone. That means if you do not have a blog section on your business website, or fail to post to it on a regular basis, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to connect with your audience. It also means that you may be losing business to your competitors [...]

Will Your Website Pass The New Google Ranking System?

Every small to mid size business owner should be well aware of the fact that the higher your website ranks on Google, the better it is for your bottom line. In fact, when you rank high on Google it means that your website will appear on the first or second page when potential customers/clients conduct an Internet search for products or services that directly relate to your business. In essence, [...]

Importance of Hyper Local Keywords Usage in Content Marketing

In the current day and age, businesses must rely on websites and content marketing in order to drive customers to their stores. That being stated, these businesses are realizing that they need to be proactive in using hyper local keywords in their content marketing efforts in order to come up at the top of the major search engines. So what exactly is hyper local marketing? In essence, it is a process [...]

5 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blogs Posts

Your Blog is a fundamental element for your online marketing efforts. In essence, it not only drives traffic to your website, but also helps to convert leads into sales. That being stated, the success of your blog is determined by the content, format, and presentation. That means your blog needs to engage your audience and make them curious about your products and or services. The following information will provide you [...]

Website Performance Is Even More Important Than Website Ranking

It goes without saying that how your website ranks in Google and the other major search engines is important. Of course you want your website/business to appear on the first page when consumers or other businesses conduct an Internet search for the products and or services that related directly to your business. However, there is something that is even more important. Can you take a guess what it is? It [...]

Blog Articles Can Help Your Website Rank Higher On Google

Business websites serve one of two purposes. They are created to sell products directly to consumers or other businesses, or they are set up to generate leads to sell your products and or services. In either situation, consumers or other businesses need to be able to actually find your website. Potential customers/clients will typically Google the product or service that they need, or Google topics that are related to the [...]

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