Website Performance Is Even More Important Than Website Ranking

It goes without saying that how your website ranks in Google and the other major search engines is important. Of course you want your website/business to appear on the first page when consumers or other businesses conduct an Internet search for the products and or services that related directly to your business. However, there is something that is even more important. Can you take a guess what it is? It [...]

Blog Articles Can Help Your Website Rank Higher On Google

Business websites serve one of two purposes. They are created to sell products directly to consumers or other businesses, or they are set up to generate leads to sell your products and or services. In either situation, consumers or other businesses need to be able to actually find your website. Potential customers/clients will typically Google the product or service that they need, or Google topics that are related to the [...]

Weekly Blog Post Writing Is Important

When it comes to content marketing, the heart and soul of your program is content. A great deal of that content should be in the form of blog articles. This is due to the fact that blogs help your business attract new customers or clients by answering important questions, and providing insights on the subjects that pose challenges to them. It simply goes without saying that publishing blog articles on [...]

Blog Writing For Lead Generation

More and more organizations are starting to understand that publishing blog articles can be the key to getting found online, converting website visitors to leads, and converting leads to sales. That being stated, having a blog section on your website is simply not enough. In order to actually generate leads, the blog needs to include articles that contain interesting content that potential customers will not only find interesting, but will [...]

The Advantages Of Hiring Blog Writing Professionals

Did you know that a great deal of small to mid-size business owners and operators do not realize the amount of work that it takes to create viable written content that can be published on their website blog and across their social media channels? Preparing a list of interesting topics that relate to your business, researching those topics, and writing blog posts that contain quality content and a high-level of [...]

Increase Search Engine Visibility With Blog Posts

Did you know that the true meaning of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is to publish relevant content that the major search engines, and end users can understand? If you fail to meet both of these conditions, not only will you significantly decrease your changes of ranking high on Goggle, but also your target audience may very well ignore your blog posts. However, if you are able to [...]

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